DADA project

Only unique pieces, every part is completely hand made. I use recovered fabrics from different italian textile firms. After my bachelor’s degree project I started a series of green projects like this, in order to reinvent as much is possible the wasted material as in this case, end of roll fabrics. I collaborated with different seamstresses and young designers of Marangoni Institute of Milan. At the beginning I produced only skirts, but in the years I implemented with dresses, pants, shirts...
I realized that people like to buy something that is really special and unique, stitched by hand with attention of detail.
The idea started 6 years ago and now is still available in some luxury boutiques in Italy.
I am responsible of the research of the textiles and the design of the collections. In addition, I manage all phases from tailoring to choosing the right boutiques partner.

YEAR: 2012 - today

MATERIAL: end of roll fabric

TECHNIQUE: handmade

BUY IT : Negozio Sbagliato, IT