pedal washing machine on the go.

Lavandando is a prototype of a washing machine on the go. I presented this project in June 2010 as a design student of the Faculty of Design & Art of UNIBZ.

This pedal washing machine doesn't need electricity, because it is designed for areas of world where people are poor and they haven't easy access to water. In fact, in that period I was working on a design project called South of World, when I decided to concentrated my research to find a new way to wash. To build the prototype I chose recovered pieces as an old drum and wasted Porsche's tyre.

This special kind of washine machine is adaptable of every kind of bycicle, you have just  to filled up of water and soap, close the porthole and ride !

Currently published on You Tube with over 140.000 views.

RAI - italian TV channel presented LAVANDANDO in a special program called TEMPO & DENARO






YEAR: 2010

MATERIAL: recovered drum ( washing machine ) + tyre ( Porsche) + bicycle

TECHNIQUE: assembled and welded by hand

DIMENSION: 70 x 60cm x 50cm