fashion boutique & ceramic atelier

A special place where people can express with the head and the hands. It is conceived a half boutique and a half artistic atelier.

Stories, time and tactile sensations make a difference. Negozio Sbagliato ( in english " wrong shop") is a “labotique” where one can work with one’s mind and hands. It is a ceramic laboratory crowded with clothes. Here we work clay, but also can touch fabrics and tell stories.

I decided to put in this space a lot of art ceramic pieces from locals artists. I want to underline the importance and the fundamental rule that artistic ceramic culture has in our life. I tried to link the customers and in general, people who are not usually interested in art and craft with artisans and designers, into a special shop where people can find inspirations to do something or just to try something different.

In the middle of the shop I put an old table, where people can experiment with clay. These workshops with a huge research of emerging talents contribute the success of the wrong shop. People passing from my store are those who come in looking for inspiration, asking questions about designers and the materials they employ. They are conscious they will bring home that “wrong” piece they fell in love with and in the end they will wear longer than the “right” one!

“Shopping in the ‘wrong’ place can turn out to be right”




YEAR: 2015

MATERIAL: ceramic & old metal trolley

COLOUR: rose, gold, white



chiara_sonda_design_interior_ design_sbagliato 1.jpg