recovered ceramic excess, trasformed by hand to create unique tableware

A Ceramic Company based in north of Italy asked me to design something using the wasted ceramic material of the production.
Reassessing the waste means focusing the attention on simple repetitive gestures, like those of a ceramic artisan: he uses gypsum moulds to recreate a product in series.These moulds are filled up with clay and then empty out. Once the moulds are open, the excess (the “Chicca”) gets thrown away.

The project was born from the observation of a daily and repetitive gesture that has never been taken into account by the ceramist. Every Chicca is hand-finished, every piece is different in shape and details.

photo credits : Mezzopienostudio

Viedo credits : Tommy Ilai & Camilla M | Photography film communication


YEAR: 2011

MATERIAL: ceramic

TECHNIQUE: recovered forms, modified by hand

DIMENSION: unique pieces with different dimensions

COLOUR: white, recovered green, pink, black mat, gold, bronze

BUY IT : Funky Table, Milan,  IT